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We are experts in high-end customized ideation and problem solving for complex design challenges. As you can see we have worked with some of the best companies in the world. We love the creative challenge and work hard to be an extension of a client’s internal team, no matter how big or small the project is. With years of experience working in multi dimensional platforms. We bring design/brand architecture and marketing strategists with solid knowledge and creative WOW to your project needs. Request a portfolio to see additional samples and more on how we work.

Design Strategy/Marketing

A good marketing plan with dynamic design is your path to sales success. Looking at the entire marketplace and then breaking down specific tactics including things like events, direct mail, email, social media, content strategy, website & webinars, seminars, and other activities that will help you gain visibility with new customers.

Working with the best companies in the world we have developed
the best practice in our work and can help you get your
strategy on target. Request a portfolio to see additional samples and more on how we work.


We all know how many times you get to make a first impression, right?

That is why brand design and application is of the utmost importance to a company. It is the face of your company to the public, the first point of communication to the people who will support your business and tell their friend. This first impression should be the result of a carefully planned brand design strategy.
Call me to learn tips and current ideologies of the brand design world. Get an understanding of the “Top Things You Need to Know About Branding”.


Typography, Illustration, photography, color, icons and symbols, custom graphics will set your brand apart. I see a lot of businesses that choose stock illustration over hiring talent to create a custom look. Even though these options are cheap – the problem is, they are not used exclusively for your company.

This can create visual confusion to your brand. If people see the same stock image promoting a different business, you will lose that unique image that you work so hard to create. In the end – neither business will profit from a diluted brand message.

Custom graphics are the best tool for setting your own style, building your own signature for a memorable impression. The options of styles are limitless and will create a compelling visual story your brand platform. Call me to get the best for your marketing dollars. Request a portfolio to see additional samples.


People trust print, plus a printed piece is the perfect solution for making a lasting impression. From award winning direct mail, e-publishing, large format prints, letterpress and digital, JT Clark knows print and how to work smart. When it comes to print production, paper, finish, special effects to achieve the desired outcome, there are tricks of the trade learned over years of working in this industry that any project will benefit from. Check with me for the latest trends. Request a portfolio to see additional samples and more work.


Custom technology for clients business objectives, a simple banner, or a complicated relational data directory built for ease of use and new marketing objectives. I build custom responsive web sites that tell a story consistent with your brand. Working in CSS, WordPress, HTML and Mobile application with responsive design that is built for your business. Request a portfolio to see additional samples and more work.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and video is the best way to teach, train and tell your story. Facebook Video training to Social media video to complex training for HR & manufacturing we can produce a custom video, or teach you how to do it for your own business, please call for samples.
Request a portfolio to see additional samples and more on how we work.


Because a picture is worth a thousand words, Your visual definition of your online brand presentation is priceless. Videos are now the best way to get your message out. From your website to your social networks, your online presence should express a consistent theme. This includes your logo, website, blog, and any images shared on social media. In fact, images are an enormous opportunity to connect fans to your brand. We build custom web images for clients as simple as a one page information to complicated sites that have hundreds of products, on-line catalogs and image only sites that tell the story consistent with your brand.

From consumer commercials, training on new products, convention show stoppers, and power point presentations that sizzle to announcing flash mobs, videos we can direct and produce your next tale to tell the story. Call for a quote or a question to get an idea of how we can help tell your story.